Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Frank Herbert's DUNE characters

Hello everyone,
in case you do not know what dune is read this sentence:
Dune is a mind-blowing SF novel set in around 10,000 ad. there is a planet called Arrakis that contains a substance called the spice melange. This spice prolongs life, you can fold space with it as well as see into the future! everyone has a need for it.

here is some of the characters I have drawn:

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Book Launch At Orbital

Orson did a Book Launch on sat 10th Jan @ Orbital! Camila and Carl at  Orbital were really welcoming and they also wore top hats in support.
Some pictures below, hopefully more to come.
Also thanks to all who turned up.
(Including comix luminaries Lord Hurk, Zoom Rockman and JAke!)

ZOOM Rockman and family were first in the Q.

Perky Pants Pom Pom (sic).

Helen Ralli with witch-portrait and superhero girl for Alice.

Link to Orbital Site

Orson Rubber Stamp.