Monday, 5 December 2016


This weekend we attended Hifest at Wow and Flutter as well as the Printworks, drawing Portraits, and selling my comics. I was selling the second part of Aligon: a Cosmic Revival, which will be in comic shops shortly, and on the blog later.



Rufus Dayglo very kindly discussed my new ALIGON comic on his Instagram. He is an ace comic artist, who has worked for 2000ad and Vertigo and much more. His current strip in the Galaxy's greatest comic, is the awesome Counterfeit Girl, Peter Milligan is writing it.

Rufus' instagram:

Monday, 28 November 2016


Of course I will be drawing groovy portraits, still for a pound a face.
The second part of my Kirbydot-infested aligon mini comic will be for sale.
BUT WAIT, there's more;
I will be at the print works, the nucleus of the event, on sunday, with my father; Zeel.
We will only be selling comics that day. (^6^)

Monday, 17 October 2016


             I am currently writing this on Sunday the sixteenth of October, on the Virgin trains, from Oxenhome to Euston, London. I would be describing the beauty of the spectacular Lake District, but thanks to Richard Branson I have not got a window.

             We got into the Lake District on Friday evening, walked from Oxenhome to the epicentre of the festival, the high street. From there we found Westmorlend shopping centre, where we would be selling our comics, carrying out our workshop and I would draw cartoon portraits. We decorated our stall with an improvised tent pole system that was attatched to the table. Then added balloons with prints on them, that I had designed and printed, along with signs that I had drawn myself. Then we walked to the once brewery, now arts centre, that served as an information point for comic artists, and anyone who was involved in the fest. We got our dinner and sat down. Many people were there some people we knew some we didn't. Even the likes of Mick McMahon, Bryan Talbot (the organiser of the festival), Joe Kelly were there. Who are legendary in the growing world of comics, We settled down with our friend Ed Ilya and his wife Viola, to have some dinner. We chatted on what we were currently working on, presently Joe Kelly sat down to talk and eat with us, as he is working on his newest comic KID SAVAGE with Ilya. I gave him one of my comics and networked.

              The next day, we set up the rest of my stall, then rushed off to see some of the festival while we could, I gave some comics to some established artist and writers, to promote what I do. Then bought some of their books in return, and sometimes even got a discount. My Father and I also attended a talk by Mick McMahon, who is one of the most acclaimed British comic book artists. Not only did I learn the history of his comic career, I also realised, you didn't just have to work as a comic artist, you could also work on films, video games, animation, the works.

               We then rushed off to the shopping centre, so my father could start his Golden Thread Workshop (the same stencil workshop he had given at the Hastings academy, and could start selling my comics as well as drawing portraits. It is often wise to have a little activity for the audience to do in some way, to attract their attention, and encourage them to purchase your comics,  like a workshop. the Golden Thread Project is going to be a comic and event that illustrates the history of English and Amercian folk songs, and how they are linked, it will be an anthology of strips by artists, hopefully we will have an exhibition, at the Cecil Sharp House. The day went well I think, the kids enjoyed the workshop; making comics about folksongs like 'Lady Isabel and the Elfknight' or the 'cruel brother'. I sold some comics and drew some portraits, made quite a bit of money. This trip to the lakes advanced me in my career as a comic, because I found out why its important to go to festivals, the different types of comic artists, found out the different paths you can take in your career, and I did a lot of networking, which hopefully will come in handy one day.

this has been a piece of writing to prove I went to LICAF for my school

ORSON COUPLAND, OCT '16          

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Aligon welcomes you to the world of cOrtoon!



The fourth saga in Aligon's life, is here!
It will be delivered to Scorch Comics and Wow and flutter by the 1st.
And by the 6th it will be delivered to Orbital Comics.
The comic will eventually be put onto the blog.
But if you don't go to the comic shops you won't get the spectacular, mystery variant cover.
So long folks!

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Earlier this summer, I went to abbey road studios.
We were given a tremendous tour of the building by Leister The King Of The Microphones since approximately 1970. We visited studio three, (the biggest out of the three; records film soundtracks, and used to record classical music). Studio two, that recorded most of the beatles' records. The editing rooms, studio one, and the penthouse mixing desk.


This week I ventured to the Stade Hall for the animation workshop by Barbonesa.

Sunday, 15 May 2016


Aaron Murphy and Orson  
 Roger Langdridge
 Jodie D

Totally totalled.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Free Comic Day '16

Drawing at Scorch Comics Eastbourne in the company of Boo Cook (2000ad!!).
Thanks to Shaun and Jonathan of Scorch for inviting us and hi to all who we met! 

Thursday, 28 April 2016


'SUP ALIGONAUTS. Cortoon/Orson and Zeel will be at COMICA COMIKET on 14th of may that takes place beneath the giant Victorian glass-roofed shed that spans the gap between the brand new building for the House Of Illustration and the Central St Martins College of Art building next door in London. We WILL be selling all our previously published stuff AND the NEW spectacular Varney the Vampyre comic. So see you there friends. 


HA HA HA...Varney the Vampyre has just arrived!
Two hundred smooth copies have arrived at Cortoon HQ fresh from the printers! they look fabulous!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


HIYA GUYS. Don't know what Varney the Vampyre is? Well this is where you learn what it is. Varney is the second part of MONSTER FILES, that started with the Adventures of Hal Dekenzin, a story of tragedy, a story of romance and a story of utter terror. Varney is also the adaptation of James Malcolm Rymer's penny dreadful of the same name, the comic also features a Hal Dekenzin novelette, a free pin-up, and a bonus Sweeney Todd mini-comic. To put it another way:  you see the fattest, most juicy vampyre you have ever seen in your entire life, drooling from it's nose, pouring from it's ears, streaming from it's mouth is ruby-red blood, it cannot HOLD anymore. the rich redness flows down the vampyre's chest, arms, legs and neck. it just sits there. helpless. it cannot TAKE anymore. in it's dumb madness, the creature splutters: "this is the end. I could not of asked for more, this is all that I desire..." and with that last suffocated breath, that naked, mad, disgraceful vampyre cannot HAVE anymore. he falls from the greasy, creaking pedestal and explodes, spreading the scarlet goodness all over the world. Obviously, you need to get this comic.

Varney the Vampyre

YO PEEPS, make sure you get yourself to scorch comics in Eastbourne for Free Comic Book Day (May 7th) I will be selling comics there (hopefully Varney the Vampyre, my newest comic, will be printed) I will also be drawing portraits, superheroes, you name it for people. Plus a load of 2000ad artists will be there etcetera don't know where Scorch is? Look below: