Wednesday, 27 April 2016


HIYA GUYS. Don't know what Varney the Vampyre is? Well this is where you learn what it is. Varney is the second part of MONSTER FILES, that started with the Adventures of Hal Dekenzin, a story of tragedy, a story of romance and a story of utter terror. Varney is also the adaptation of James Malcolm Rymer's penny dreadful of the same name, the comic also features a Hal Dekenzin novelette, a free pin-up, and a bonus Sweeney Todd mini-comic. To put it another way:  you see the fattest, most juicy vampyre you have ever seen in your entire life, drooling from it's nose, pouring from it's ears, streaming from it's mouth is ruby-red blood, it cannot HOLD anymore. the rich redness flows down the vampyre's chest, arms, legs and neck. it just sits there. helpless. it cannot TAKE anymore. in it's dumb madness, the creature splutters: "this is the end. I could not of asked for more, this is all that I desire..." and with that last suffocated breath, that naked, mad, disgraceful vampyre cannot HAVE anymore. he falls from the greasy, creaking pedestal and explodes, spreading the scarlet goodness all over the world. Obviously, you need to get this comic.

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