Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My adventure in the snow

When I woke up, the room beheld a ghastly draft!
I then got out of my bed and stumbled to the window.
I drew open the red and black curtains, I peered out, the sight I saw was exhilarating the garden was soaked in white bliss of icy snow I sped down the bristly stairs, and then called upstairs to mum "it's snowing!!"a gruffly groan replied to my exciting shout of joy!
I ignored the moan, and once again I sped past the stairs!
I was sure to find two lumps of cushions and covers of exhaustion but I only found one!
Mum rustled out of all the cosy covers but not dad!?
"Where's dad?"I curiously asked mum.
"Probably went to work."she mumbled.
What! I thought "darn it! Mum hates the snow, she'll just stay in bed for the rest of the day, like a baby!and I won't be able to sledge on the hill!"
I plodded into my room as I thought that it wouldn't be to bad, I could blog and get on with my comics all day!
I suddenly saw a joker and batman mask pinned onto my blog area!
I smiled!
I phoned my best friend, rye, to see of he was going sledging.he was.
When mum came in she said "I'll take you sledging! But don't throw any snowballs!"
"Rye is going at eleven a.m."
We rapidly pulled our kit on and slapped a load of wax on the plastic skates of my navy blue sledge!
I plunged my foot into the white frost, dragging the sledge behind me.
I reached the pavement of Our Street, the snow was thicker and more hefty than a few months ago.
Underneath the soft snow lay a narrow and long pane of slippery ice.
Then I spotted grumpy men shovel the grand snow off the pavement I was depressed greatly by that!
I focused onto the fun once more, I held the sledge firmly and attempted to get myself into the sledge, and off we go!
The sledge increased its speed as it bit into the ice, I then looked back and saw mum shuffling through the snow!
I crashed onto the left side of the road and waited patiently for mum.
From there on I didn't sledge down the roads because of the black slush, instead I trudged through the snow toward the reservoir that was splashed with thin ice, I had wrapped the string of the sledge round my waist so the sledge protected my back from being massacred by opponent's snowballs.we both reached a steep road covered with ice, so we carefully climbed this mountain of horror!
Eventually, we reached the top there I found a tiny tall and incredibly steep path way.
I didn't know all the other ways too the hill so I started to clamber up.
"Are you for real?!"cried mum.
"Yeah, you can go the other way, I'll carry on lone."I answered.
The passage was hard to climb and bristled everywhere I looked, I fell many times but finally conquered this incompleteness.
I shouted"IN YOUR FACE!!"
I then carried on with my impenetrable adventure!
I entered a glen of wilderness, the floor possessed mini bumps of ice. I fell on my face a few times.
I exited the green glen and found myself in a land of white nothingness!
The wind was mighty in that place, tornados of snow danced round me, I couldn't hear anything except my sledge flying in the wind, pulling tightly on my wet hand!
I felt like gengis khan of the Mongols making his way about snowy Mongolia.
At last I saw another bushy glen but this time the ground was full of slushy mud.
I sat in my sledge and sawed down the muddy track!
I flew out of the gloomy glen and onto a snowy hill, my sledge jumped into the air with me still on it, for I had just tobogganed onto a icy ramp.
I smashed into a mound of snow.
Finally, I had found the hill!
People were gathering from every path!
There I met Richard, one of my friends dad,I asked him if he had seen rye.
But he said no!
I searched round the hill trying to find him but he wasn't to be seen anywhere!
On the hill the snow was about one metre high!
Mum found me a few five minutes later.
When I was fed up looking for rye, appeared from behind the shrubbery!
I briskly sledged down to him!
"I've been looking for you for ages man!"I said.
"Sorry, mum decided too come a bit late!"he replied.
"So shall we do some sledging?"I asked.
"Yeah man!
We fled down the hill, from the top, on our sledges, we whizzed through brambles and leaves into a tiny opening, there we crashed into a tree!
We found a little den of old trees hidden by the bushes.
We imagined it was the spooky marauding red eyed goblins den!
We scrambled out ,very scared, pulling our sledges behind us.
After that we were exhausted by then, so we sat in the snow and talked about how hungry we were!
After that we created an igloo, mini and Marnie, our other friends helped us.
We made the walls out of snow, and used our sledges as the roof!
We punched two holes out to see if the marauding red eyed goblin comes.
Then mum and Zeline, ryes mum, came down and asked if we could leave the snow behind and go to zeline's house.
We agreed to that but first we had to have a snowball fight!
After we had the snowball fight we strolled to zeline's house, while we walked, me and rye snapped the icicles off the bottom of the vans.
And pretended they were ice spears.
Finally we got to zeline's house and had some lovely stew!

The end.


catmar7 said...

I find the story funny and well made- Eric Marshall

Steve Williams said...

A most entertaining story. Better than season 2 ofGame of Thrones (ask your dad). Can't beat a bowl of stew to round off a tale!