Monday, 31 March 2014

Jack Johnson heavyweight champion of the world. An imaginary story based on a real man.

Jack Johnson ducked the first blow, and the second, then thrust his fist into the white man's eye, that made him stumble back. Jack persued the white man and gave him a life-long scar upon his fore-head. The man dropped Down unconscious. Jack Johnson was the first ever black, heavyweight champion of boxing.

Jack's life was swell from that day, no more sleeping on other people's couches for him, lots of money, a beautiful house, a pretty girl at home. What a wonderful life it was.

But as he was black and it was 1908 , white people weren't that happy. By winning that title jack Johnson had made his life much worse than it could ever been before...

Next evening he merrily walked over to the old bar he knew very well.

"One pint."

Everyone looked at him with silent eyes. After a while, a slightly tubby and hefty man with his hat drooped over his eyes said sinisterly;

"I'll buy you a drink boy."

"Why thank you..."

Johnson was led into a dark room. As soon as they had entered, the man pressed a revolver against jack's throat!

"So you got a big exhibition match tomorrow, eh? You fightin' a white man tomorrow eh?! Well if you don't lie down in dat' ring me and my boys will string you up!"

The man started walking away, but then stopped, turned and flung a business card at Johnson then disappeared into the darkness. The card read; "Al Capone!"
The next evening, from inside the arena,
Jack listened to the crowd roaring him on, waiting for his arrival into the ring. He eyed the crowd looking for Capone. As he spotted the icy glare of the gangster, the bell rang out! Johnson took the first blow confused and not knowing what to do! He felt scared, worried! Two blows followed as jack made up his mind! With great skill Johnson pounded the white man elegantly. After two rounds the white man was a bloody pulp...

...cries rang out, blood soaked the ring, security surrounded the crowd with barriers. The police chased a slightly tubby and hefty man carrying a violin case. The man who shot jack Johnson...

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